Published: 12/17/2018

The holiday season brings many sights that are bright and shiny, and if you are covering up the fact that you have missing or damaged teeth, then why not brighten your smile with dental implants? Dr. Alejandro Kovacs can help you achieve a brand-new smile to dazzle your family members and friends and help you enjoy the most wonderful time of the year to the fullest.

Why Should You Consider Implants Now?

A dental implant procedure does not always happen overnight. There is a lot of preparation the goes into it for both the patient and the periodontist. You first need to make sure you are a good candidate for dental implants and that you have sufficient bone density. In some cases, you may need a procedure such as a bone graft to help ensure your implant treatment succeeds. The earlier you start on the process, the more likely you can have your new smile ready for the holidays.

What Benefits Do Implants Offer?

Implants are a permanent solution for missing teeth. One of the best things about an implant is that it looks and functions just like a real tooth. You also get to enjoy these benefits:

  • Eating your favorite foods through the holiday
  • No worrying about the implant slipping
  • Cleaning your implant just like your regular teeth
  • Enjoying the implant for decades or longer

Are You a Good Candidate?

The placement of an implant is a surgical procedure. Dr. Kovacs embeds a titanium post into the jawbone and gums, which is why bone density is important. The post fuses to the bone through osseointegration, and Dr. Kovacs caps it with a natural-looking crown. A consultation will help determine if this is a suitable procedure for your needs.

How Can You Get Started?

The best way to get started on fixing your smile is to schedule a consultation with Dr. Kovacs right away. Contact our practice in Longview, TX to schedule your appointment today!

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