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The LANAP® Protocol Has Changed the Face of Gum Disease Treatment in Longview, TX

In the past, when patients needed gum surgery to treat periodontal disease, they had only one option. This option was a surgical procedure that took time to heal, was not comfortable in some cases, and required sutures.

Today, the LANAP® laser protocol has changed the face of gum disease treatment by providing a minimally invasive method to achieve the same outcomes.

Dr. Alejandro Kovacs and Dr. Tom M. Smith regularly practice the LANAP® procedure, a form of laser dentistry, in Longview, TX. We are highly trained in the method used during LANAP® treatment, and can help patients who have been wary of undergoing more traditional types of gum surgery.

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The Benefits of LANAP® Laser Treatment Over Traditional Gum Surgery

There are multiple advantages that LANAP® treatment offers patients who require gum disease treatment.

For instance:

There is no need for us to cut into the gums. LANAP® treatment uses laser technology instead of scalpels and other invasive tools.
Healing is faster. Patients who need gum surgery do not want to spend a lot of time healing from the procedure. When they choose laser dentistry in Longview, TX, they can be certain of a shortened healing timeframe.
LANAP® laser treatment is thorough and proven. Because lasers can be incredibly focused, the results of the LANAP® gum disease treatment are exceptional.
LANAP® treatment helps prevent further gum disease, bone loss, and tooth loss.
The LANAP® protocol helps cleanse the periodontal pockets on a microscopic level. With this treatment, the interior, unexposed sides of the gums and teeth are thoroughly cleaned of any debris, such as bacteria, plaque, and calculus (tartar). The result is a fresh, clean area.

The LANAP® protocol has shown itself to be one of the best ways to address progressive periodontal disease and its effects. To learn more about LANAP® laser treatment, schedule your appointment with Dr. Kovacs in Longview, TX today.

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