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LANAP is Minimally Invasive, With No Cutting or Sutures!

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Gum Disease Impacts Your Heart Health

“We all think that cholesterol is important to heart disease. The health of your gums is a more important predictor of whether or not you will have a heart attack or not.”

Mehmet C. Oz, M.D., FACS
Director, Cardiovascular Institute
Columbia Medical Center, NYC
ABC News, Good Morning America: December 15, 2008

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The LANAP® Procedure in Longview, TX

LANAP® laser treatment is one of the newest methods to treat the progressively worsening effects of gum disease for periodontal patients. Unlike traditional gum surgery procedures in Longview, TX, LANAP® laser treatment enables Dr. Alejandro Kovacs and Dr. Tom M. Smith to treat gum disease effectively and with minimal invasiveness.

The LANAP® procedure is simple. First, the spaces between your teeth and gums will be measured. This will help us to determine which areas need to be treated, and to what extent attachment loss has occurred. Next, we will use the PerioLase® MVP-7™ laser to target bacteria and infected tissue, and remove calculus (tartar) from the surfaces of the teeth. Doing so will help keep the areas clean and free from further damage.

At this point during the LANAP® procedure, a clot will be created under the gums. The clot will help the gum tissue compress and adjust to the surrounding tooth surface. This assists in sealing off the tissues to prevent infection and aids in healing. The laser also promotes the regeneration of bone tissue, which helps to provide your teeth much needed stability. If you have experienced significant bone loss as a result of gum disease, we may need to adjust your bite to eliminate any interferences.

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Laser gum surgery - Longview, TX

Benefits of the LANAP® Protocol

After undergoing this type of laser gum surgery in Longview, TX, you will get the benefit of the following outcomes:

There will be little discomfort, bleeding, or sensitivity at the sites of the LANAP® procedure.
Your gums will feel and look better than before. They will also be less likely to bleed while flossing or brushing.
There will be less opportunity for gum disease to continue in the periodontal pockets that were laser treated.
You can avoid the issues commonly linked to periodontal disease, such as chronic halitosis, gum recession, and swollen gums.

Please contact Dr. Kovacs to find out more about LANAP® laser gum surgery in Longview, TX.

Even if you have had other gum treatment in the past, the LANAP® protocol could provide you with ongoing health advantages.

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