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Loose Teeth May Be A Symptom of A Bigger, Underlying Dental Issue

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Loose Teeth Are an Indication That It Is Time to Call Our Office in Longview, TX

Do your teeth feel as if they are coming loose? Have you noticed that one is more mobile than others? Are you seeing inflamed gums around some of your teeth? These are all signs that you are at risk of tooth loss. The good news is that a visit to Dr. Alejandro Kovacs and Dr. Tom M. Smith in Longview, TX can help you find out why you have loose teeth and how to avoid further issues through advanced periodontal procedures.

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Why Teeth Become Loose

We all remember being children and losing our teeth. At that time in our lives, it is a natural occurrence. What many adults do not realize is that numerous people have lost at least one tooth by the time they reach their mid-forties. They may lose a tooth because of an accident, a medical condition, bone loss, or even progressive gum disease.

Usually, the loose tooth shows signs of mobility well before the tooth falls out on its own or needs to be extracted. For instance, some of the common signs of loose teeth in Longview, TX include:

Teeth that do not stay in place. Even if the teeth move just slightly, the patient can feel that they are not in their usual places.
Inflamed gums around the loose teeth. This may also indicate that gum disease is present.
A changing bite. Patients may feel that their bite is “off” or has changed over the past months. This could be because of loose teeth.

There are many methods of dealing with tooth loss in Longview, TX, as well as protecting teeth that are at risk of being lost. If you are concerned about your loose teeth, please call Dr. Kovacs right away for a consultation.

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This begins with a thorough exam that introduces the patients to what a healthy mouth consists of. You should expect an experience unlike most other dental visits; informative and health-centered. Whether you require dental implants, LANAP® Laser Treatment, or any other procedure that we offer, we look forward to providing you with the exceptional oral care that you are looking for. If you have questions, please contact us. You can also send an appointment request through our convenient online form.

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