Published: 04/17/2017

For many decades, the best way to replace missing teeth was with a traditional form of bridgework like dentures. Although these continue to provide valuable treatment solutions for many people, a new solution is available. Dental implants help Longview, TX area patients live healthier, happier lives with restored tooth function. Carefully crafted to match the appearance of your natural teeth, dental implants let you comfortably bite, chew, smile, and speak. They are easy to care for and require none of the messy pastes or powders associated with denture care. How exactly do dental implants work?

 Engineered for Superior Performance

Dental implants are designed to act just like your natural teeth. This means they are:

  • Highly durable
  • Comfortable in your mouth
  • Firmly fixed and secure
  • Individually colored for a more perfect match

The comfort and security characteristic of the dental implants placed in a patient’s mouth by a periodontist in Longview, TX is due to the titanium post that the crown is mounted on. The post acts is a sort of artificial tooth root and keeps the crown anchored firmly in the patient’s mouth. In fact, the bones of the jaw will gradually fuse with the titanium post, a process that helps prevent the degeneration of these important bones.

The crown, or visible portion of the implant, is crafted from high quality materials chosen specifically for dental applications. They are individually shaped and painted to suit each patient. The result is a comfortable and visually appealing alternative to dentures. Many patients choose dental implants specifically because they are associated with such good visual outcomes.

Replacing Your Teeth

Another advantage of dental implants is their use in replacing single missing teeth or several. An entire set of dentures can be made using this technology as can individual teeth. Patients with single cracked, damaged, or missing teeth can enjoy pain-free chewing again in relatively short time.

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