Published: 08/16/2017

A periodontist like Dr. Kovacs works closely with patients to treat disorders and diseases of the teeth and surrounding tissue. This means that Dr. Kovacs helps patients improve their oral health by treating gum disease and other disorders affecting the gum tissue.

Tooth Loss Can Lead to the Need for Ridge Augmentation

Gum tissue can be damaged as a result of periodontal disease, injury, and illness. This can lead to pain, tooth damage, and even tooth loss. Tooth loss can cause the bone beneath the socket to gradually shrink and deteriorate.  This can result in a sunken look or a visible indentation of the mouth.

Sometimes patients seeking dental implants and other tooth restoration treatments require ridge augmentation. The bony ridge beneath the gum tissue supports implants and other forms of bridgework; if the ridge is insufficiently robust, then implant treatment cannot go forward.

Ridge augmentation adds tissue to the shrunken portion of the jaw, thereby providing the foundation required for dental implants. For some patients, ridge augmentation is the first step towards a new, healthy smile thanks to dental implant technology.

Ridge augmentation is also recommended when a large cleft or depression has developed in the gum tissue. This depression can catch food particles, which can contribute to the development of harmful bacteria populations; this further contributes to any existing gum disease the patient might be experiencing. Augmenting the ridge of the mouth improves a patient’s cosmetic satisfaction and can help preserve their oral health.

Two Types of Ridge Augmentation

Depending on the needs of the patient and the target treatment outcome, one of two types of ridge augmentation may be recommended:

  • Soft tissue: This augmentation is usually done to improve the cosmetic appearance of the ridge. A soft tissue graft is made and secured with sutures.
  • Hard tissue: Bony tissue from the patient or a donor is placed in the area needing the graft. The site is secured with sutures.

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